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A very warm welcome to Honilands Primary School website. We are a larger than average primary school in North East Enfield.

We have a fantastic staff team who are fully committed to ensuring that every child reaches their full potential through a broad, balanced and deep curriculum.

We value the strong local partnerships we have forged both at school and within the wider community. We are proud of the relationships between the school and our wonderful parents.

Our School INTENT is extremely important to us

  • Strong Relationships
  • Aspirations for All
  • Lifelong Learning

The vision for Honilands is to embody our motto of ‘We Are One’, learning together, inspiring lifelong learning in harmony together and with empathy, kindness and fun. So that we can all become the best that we can be.

We aim to:

  • Foster British Values so that there are good relationships across our diverse community that are open, challenging and equal
  • Enrich the lives of our community so that everyone leaves Honilands with richer experiences that enhance their opportunities in life
  • Ensure that teaching and learning provision is at the core of what we do
  • Nurture strengths as well as build resilience by learning through mistakes
  • Ensure that the whole community feels and can keep themselves safe and healthy in mind and body

We will underpin everything that we do as a community with our common values

Listening - Do Listen

Kindness - Do be kind and helpful

Honesty - Do be honest

Determination - Do work hard

Respect - Do respect others and property

Responisibility - Do keep yourself and others safe

We are organised into four families each led by a Family Leader. Early Years family is our nursery and reception classes led by Ms Helier whilst Mrs Gibson is on maternity leave,  Key Stage 1 family is led by Shirin Masud; Lower Key Stage 2 family is led by Ms Newport and Upper Key Stage 2 family is led by Ms Shaw. Each family has its own area of the school.

We are proud of our Inclusion team comprising of our Assistant Headteacher, Shirin Masud, who leads on Pupil Well-being,SENCo, Hazel Menezes, a well established Learning Mentor Team together with a nurture class, Language and Social Skill group and Lilac Provision. We are also proud to include Place 2 Be as part of our emotional well-being provision for pupils and adults.

We believe in developing the whole child so that they grow, flourish and reach their potential.

Nuala McNeely

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