Honilands Early Years, or Oak Family, provides quality provision for pupils starting at our Primary School. In Enfield children begin school during the academic year in which they become 5. The academic year begins in September. The place offered will be part-time to start with, beginning with a morning or afternoon session. The gradual start ensures your child happily settles into school life.

Admissions Booklets are available for parents to view online using the link below. You can apply for your child’s Nursery or Reception place online at or directly at 

You can also contact the school office or the admissions service on 020 8379 5501 to check whether your child is eligible for a place. In addition our Parent Support Adviser is always willing to meet with parents to support them to complete the application process.

In the result of our Nursery or Reception classes being oversubscribed the process used to allocate places is detailed in the Enfield school brochure and website.

During the summer all parents will receive information about their child’s induction into our Nursery or Reception classes. You will be invited to an information session where we share vital information to ensure your that your child's transition into school goes smoothly. There are details of what uniform is needed and where it can be obtained on this website (click here for uniform). 


Pupils starting our school in the middle of a year will have an introductory meeting with a member of the Leadership Team along with our Parent Support Adviser, Lead Learning Mentor and Lead TA. Parents are required to visit our school with their child as part of the admissions process. All new admissions are supported to ensure their needs are understood and that their induction supports a successful transition to their new school. Our learning mentor will monitor their transition and ensure they are well supported through the first few weeks at Honilands.

Click Here To View Our honilands pupil admission and induction policy

Click Here To View Our Children Not Collected From School Policy

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