Dinner Hall

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In the dining hall we supervise the children eating their lunch and encourage good manners and healthy eating. Lunchtime supervisors support the children and encourage a positive dining experience. We have 3 sittings, each family having lunch together from Year 1 to Year 6. Within the sittings children having packed lunches and children having hot dinners sit and eat together. Children can choose where they sit and often choose to sit with children in other year groups. The children are encouraged to eat well, help each other and chat together. They are encouraged to clear and clean their tables before leaving the hall at the end of the sittings.

Children are expected to:

Line up quietly if having a school dinner

Sensibly walk to their table

Stay in their seats until they have finished their lunch

Talk quietly

Keep their food in their lunchboxes

Only touch their own food

Take all their rubbish home

Clear their plate, cutlery and cup once they have finished

Clean their table and sweep up any food the

y have dropped

Be kind and polite 


Dining Hall Rules

Always be polite. Say 'please' and 'thank you'

Use good table manners when we are eating

Use quiet voices and listen to each other

 Leave the dining hall clean and tidy

No running in the hall

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On certain special days or times of the year we decorate the hall and change our menu to reflect the occasion. 
Christmas dinner is longer than usual and involves the younger children in school being served by the Year 6s. Staff eat with their classes.
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