School meals


Lunch at Honilands is provided by HCL services and we follow a menu system that cycles every 3 weeks. 

You can visit their site - - where you can find details of their service and the current school menu.

Click here to see welcome guidance - Honilands_School.pdf

The current three week menus is here - click here

From September 2020 school dinners will cost £2.17 per day, unless your child is entitled to a Free School Meal. 


Our school uses the ParentPay system for lunch money and other transacations (trips etc). In order for a child to have a lunch, they need to be set up on the system. The school will contact parents when this is required.

Parents can pay for lunches via the ParentPay website ( with a username and password, or at the nearest Pay Point service ( with printed barcodes.

Please note that if parents use Pay Point to pay for their child's dinners, they must do this 3 days in advance to ensure that the funds are available in time.

If parents have any queries, please speak to the school office.

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