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2019 to 2020


Welcome to the Governors section of Honilands Primary School website. Here we hope that you will find the answers to your governance questions, but if you have any further questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Nick Turner, Chair of Governors.  Email address

Governors at Honilands come from many different backgrounds and have a range of skills and expertise. They strive to ensure challenge and support so that every child gets an outstanding education.

The governing body have a vision of every child achieving their goals by setting high aspirations. We aspire to support, positively challenge and enable the Head teacher and staff to fulfil the school’s Vision, Values and aims statement for the children of Honilands Primary School.


The school aims:

  • Foster British Values so that there are good relationships across our diverse community that are open, challenging and equal
  • Enrich the lives of our community so that everyone leaves Honilands with richer experiences that enhance their opportunities in life 
  • Ensure that teaching and learning provision is at the core of what we do
  • Nurture strengths as well as build resilience by learning through mistakes 
  • Ensure that the whole community feels and can keep themselves safe and healthy in mind and body


The aims are underpinned by our School Values:

  • Being kind and helpful
  • Being good listeners
  • Being respectful towards each other and the environment around us
  • Being honest
  • Being able to work hard
  • Being able to keep ourselves and others safe



How the Governing Body is made up

There are staff, parent, co-opted and local authority Governors. Further details of our governors can be found on their profile page.

Type of Governor


Appointed By

Date of appointment

End of appointment

LA Governor





Parent Governors 

Kelly Levy

02.09.19 01.09.23 




Staff Governor

Susan Jones

Honilands Staff







Co-opted Governors

Nicholas Turner (Chair)



Adde Babajide

Appointed by the Governing Body




Cigdem Alkan (Vice Chair)


Appointed by the Governing Body




Gavin Jenkins

Appointed by the Governing Body




Nuala McNeely

Appointed by the Governing body






The Governing Board has three core functions:

  • Making sure the school has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction; 
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the performance of the school and its pupils; and 
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent. 

To make sure the Governors achieve these aims they work in partnership with the Headteacher and staff, supporting activities and achievement and helping the school respond to the needs of pupils, parents and the community. Governors do not intervene in the day-to-day management of the school. 

The Chair of Governors and standards chair have a close working relationship with the Headteacher and they meet regularly. 

The Governing Board has two Committees that meet once a term.  The Standards and Resources committees, reporting to the Full Governing Board once a term. 

The Resources Committee discusses matters such as the school budget, premises and staffing and Health & Safety. Its Terms of Reference, which are reviewed annually, can be found on our website, in the governors section.

The Standards & Pupil Welfare Committee covers matters such as raising standards, pupil outcomes and the well-being and safeguarding of pupils.

Its Terms of Reference, reviewed annually, can be found by following the link below.  

In addition to the Committee meetings, all Governors also meet once a term at the Full Governing Board meeting. A list of the Governing Board meeting dates for this academic year can be found by following the link below.  

Governors receive regular training and will often visit the school as part of their role.

All Governors are required to read and sign the Governors Code of Conduct and the Governor Visits Guidelines which you can be found by following the link below.  



Chair of Governors comments

‘We are an inclusive school, right at the heart of our local community, and we truly believe that our school can help the children of our community to achieve an outstanding level of education and go on to develop their aspirations in life. We aim to promote every child’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development as well as excel in academic achievement, providing positive experiences in a wide range of sports, arts and other cultural opportunities. This year has seen the school introduce a new curriculum to ensure the children have broad, balanced and deep opportunities.

We believe in high standards not only from our children and staff but also our parents who this year will be expected to sign and adhere to a code of conduct.

Our governing body has recently undertaken a huge recruitment campaign to help bring in specialists within their fields to help ensure that the school consistently meets standards.

We aim to do this by;

  • Developing the Governing body to provide more challenge, rigour and strategic support to the school
  • Developing a more visible and transparent style of governance within the school community
  • Building sustainable and supportive links between governors and school staff
  • Modernising and updating the school’s premises and infrastructure
  • Rigorously moving towards an improved our Ofsted outcome
  • Improving our year on year attainment so that the school moves towards achieving National Standards

This year sees our school start an exciting new chapter in the journey of Honilands, and if governors, school staff, the pupils and their parents all work as a TEAM -Together Everyone Achieves More ‘



Nick Turner

Chair of Governors

Our current governors (Sept 2019) are:


Nicholas Turner

Nicholas Turner.JPG

Vice Chair

Cigdem Alkan

Cigdem Alkan.JPG

Head Teacher 

Nuala McNeely

Local Authority



Susan Jones


Kelly Levy


Nicholas Turner

Cigdem Alkan

Addy Babajide

Addy Babajide.JPG

Gavin Jenkins

This link will show you each Governors responsibilities - click here

The governing body is responsible for the discharge of governance responsibilities, and effective governing bodies think carefully about how they are organised. click here to see Honilands Governing Body Oganisational Arrangements

The Governors, like the rest of us in school, adhere to a code of conduct. The Governing Body Code of Conduct can be viewed here, click here.   

A record of Governor attendance at Full Governing Body meeings and Committess can be found here.

Another key document is the Governors Standing Order. Standing Orders regulate the proceedings, meetings and business of the governing body. click here to view our Standing Order document. 

Follow the link to see our Governors register of Business interests.

To see the dates of 2019-20 Governing Body Meetings - click here

Finally, to see which Governors are allocated to which Committees to click here

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